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Crown of Crystal Flame (Tairen Soul, #5)

Crown of Crystal Flame (Tairen Soul, #5) - C.L. Wilson Absolutely wonderful! Crown of Crystal Flame is the best yet of the 5 novels in the Tairen series. This culmination of the Tairen Soul series was an action packed, heart stopping, breathtaking ride. The story begins right where the the 4th one ended, we join Ellysetta and Rain as they wait for the Eld attack they know is coming and try to deal with King Dorian's distrust, the effects that their unsealed bond is having on Rain, and disorder amongst the allies. Ellie's courage is tested repeatedly as she is faced with challenges far greater than she expected and Rain is forced to rethink some of the oldest beliefs and customs of his people. This story took so many unexpected twists and turns. The battle scenes themselves were described so vividly that I could almost hear the shouts and screams and roars of the Tairen. The fast moving plot, to me, never felt rushed, instead kept me constantly on the edge of my seat wondering what was going to happen next. As fascinating as the plot was, the characters in this series were what made these books so amazing. I had no ambivalent feelings about any, even the more minor characters. I either absolutely loathed them or or was concerned about what would happen to them. Either way, I was fully invested in their stories. And Wilson did not disappoint, making sure to tie up all loose ends by the end of this incredible novel. This book, as well as the earlier 4 books in this series will appeal to many types of fantasy readers. There is heartrending and passionate romance, some happy and some tragic. There are epic battles, fairytale creatures of all kinds, mythical beings, magic both dark and light, and an enjoyable tale that's both dramatic and highly entertaining. There are so many times, when, at the end of such an epic story, there are still minor plot lines that I'm left to wonder about. I didn't find that at all with Crown of Crystal Flame. Although I'm sad to see an end to one of my favorite series, this novel left me with a feeling of satisfaction. I can't wait to read more of C.L. Wilson's wonderful work. No doubt in my mind, this deserves a rating of 5