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Sweet Dead Life, The

The Sweet Dead Life - Joy Preble

Madeline Lambert does an excellent job narrating this light fun tale about a girl and her guardian angels. Lambert perfectly captures the sassy attitude of the main character as well as the more laid back personas of some of the other characters. While most of the characters in The Sweet Dead Life lacked real emotional depth, this narrator gave each of them an engaging personality that allows the reader to connect with them. 

The Sweet Dead Life was a quick and simple read but I was a bit confused about who the intended audience are. Based on the writing style, characters, and plot, I would consider it a middle grade read except that a lot of the story discussed the 14 year old MC's older brothers pot smoking habit and masturbation issues. I didn't think that either of these things added anything of significance to the story, it just seemed a bit awkward. 

The story itself was fun & sweet, it reminded me of the shows my 11 year old watches on Nickelodeon, a bit dramatic but still fun. The main character was especially sassy & so entertaining to read. It was definitely an enjoyable read. I would recommend this to more mature young adult readers who like campy humor like Harold & Kumar.

I received this title through AudioGo for review.