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The Witch's Daughter

The Witch's Daughter - Paula Brackston The Witch's Daughter was a fairly enjoyable read that made up in the evenly paced writing what it lacked in character and plot development. The writing flowed so beautifully that it was easy to lose myself in the story even when I felt that many of the characters lacked depth and the direction of the story was often confusing. For example, Gideon's obsession with Bess was never sufficiently explained which meant that his following her all of those years made little sense. It seemed beyond reason that he would devote so much of his time and effort to finding her and creating such elaborate schemes to trap her only to be so easily thwarted time and again by some simple trick on Bess's part. The ending was disorganized, overdone, and lacked any shred of plausibility. It was like a badly directed episode of Charmed with all the flashy magic included. I was definitely disappointed in the way it ended, especially because I had enjoyed the writing so much up to that point. So, for me, The Witch's Daughter was simply OK. Definitely not the worst I've read lately.