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Strands of Bronze and Gold

Strands of Bronze and Gold - Strands of Bronze and Gold was an okay read but with an excellent audio narration by Caitlin Prennace. I probably would have abandoned this story very early on because of the annoying main character had it not been for Prennace's wonderful storytelling. I also enjoyed the writing and flow of the story itself. I only knew the bare minimum about the Bluebeard legend before beginning this and I don't think I've really learned anything more of significance about that tale by reading this. Books like this make me face uncomfortable truths about myself, such as, maybe I'm just not a very nice person. The reason I come to this conclusion is that, when faced with a foolishly naive character, I usually root for the "villain" to kill her off. I find myself losing patience with characters who are so painfully oblivious that I think it is only fair that the much more interesting and complex villain get the pleasure of torturing and murdering her for my entertainment. And I'm often disappointed when it doesn't happen that way. Such was the case with Strands of Bronze and Gold. I give the book 3 stars and the audio narrator 5 stars.