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Dark Places: A Novel

Dark Places - Gillian Flynn

Dark Places was SO good! I was immediately drawn into the story and remained alternately riveted and frustrated throughout, but never once bored. Frustrated because I could not make up my mind who I thought was actually responsible for the "The Satan Sacrifice of Kinnakee, Kansas" and riveted because this story was disturbing, heartbreaking, suspenseful, and altogether incredible.

The audio narration by Rebecca Lowman, Cassandra Campbell, Mark Deakins, and Robertson Dean was flawless, giving depth to the multiple perspectives as they alternated throughout the story. I think that it's easier to process a book that so often switches perspective and alternates between past and present when listened to on audio with multiple narrators. I highly recommend the Audible version to anyone considering reading Dark Places. 

While the story itself was fascinating, revolving around a family's massacre in a small farm town, what really grabbed me was Libby's character. She was understandably damaged by the traumatic events she witnessed at such a young age and now, as an adult, she finds it difficult to function as anything like a "normal" adult. She sees herself as separated from society and unable to connect with just about anyone. I could relate to so many aspects of Libby's personality, as I'm sure anyone with any kind of "difficult" childhood could. I believe it was extremely perceptive of the author to present Libby as such a dysfunctional character because it felt authentic and I absolutely fell in love with her. 

I had a few very minute issues with the story. Some of the other characters I felt were a bit less dynamic and more one dimensional, such as Libby's brother Ben. His character, as well as his relationship with his girlfriend, was awkward and difficult for me to understand which didn't always work for me in the story. Also, the ending, while I didn't see it coming, was pretty far fetched and didn't feel exactly plausible. However, I would much rather read an exciting yet over the top ending than an ending that is anti-climactic. All in all, any flaws were so small as to be nearly insignificant when compared to how fascinating this story was. 

I would highly recommend this to any fans of crime, suspense, and/or thrillers. I would be interested to see this made into a movie. I think this story would translate well to film.