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At Grave's End (Night Huntress Novels)

At Grave's End  - Tavia Gilbert, Jeaniene Frost Another amazing adventure in the The Night Huntress series, this third book in the series certainly kept my heart pounding. Bones was as entertaining as ever and I absolutely love how the relationship between him and Cat continues to develop. The wit, humor, and overall personality of these two characters is what keeps me enthralled with the Night Huntress series. I will say that the author managed to scare me half to death in this book (not funny Ms. Jeaniene!) and the plot kept me wanting more. When starting a Jeaniene Frost book, I already know that I'll be up all night with it!In "At Grave's End" Cat and Bones once again are facing obstacles that could tear them apart, possibly forever. This time in the form of Patra, a centuries old vamp with a vendetta and an army of vampires, ghouls, and humans who think she is a goddess. Patra makes no "bones" about using the foulest, most forbidden magics against Cat, Bones, and their friends either. Dracula himself cuts an impressive figure, sarcastic, blunt, and arrogant, he seems to goad Bones past all endurance, while Cat seems to have a certain fondness for him. And he was certainly able to be there as a friend when Cat most needed one. Tate continues to annoy me to no end. I don't feel a bit sorry for him. He isn't even a character I love to hate, I just don't like him. But with all the other amazing characters to love on in this series, I can easily forget about one that irritates me. Tavia Gilbert once again does an incredible job narrating these books. I know that I would still love the paper version of the books, and have them on my Christmas list because I want them on my bookshelf! Gilbert brings something so extra special to her narration and to the characters that before I "read" the series in book format, I definitely want to finish the entire series as well as the Night Huntress World series in audio. Regardless how I read them though, this is a series that I will hate to see come to an end!