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Where We Belong

Where We Belong - Emily Giffin

Reason why I will never read anything by this author: http://coreyann.me/?p=141 

And the reason why I think it is acceptable for me to blacklist books because of an author's personal behavior is this: If you are not intelligent enough to refrain from engaging in arguments with those who write negative reviews (or to refrain from encouraging your friends, family, fans, agent, etc from doing so) then I am absolutely certain that you do not have the wit to pen something I could enjoy. I would hope that any author I read and respect would have the common sense to respect the consumers of their products, and at the very least, have enough business savvy not to tarnish their own brand by making themselves look foolish in a public venue. If your readers can't tell a personal attack from a negative review without you or one of your people arguing it in the comments section or spouting off about it on Facebook, Twitter, etc, they must then suffer from that same lack of common sense as you do.