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The Alloy of Law (Mistborn Series #4)

The Alloy of Law - Brandon Sanderson Sanderson's Mistborn series is one of my all time favorite fantasy series. This newest addition to what I thought was a complete series was a pleasant surprise. I wasn't crazy about the Western/Steampunk setting of The Alloy of Law but I certainly enjoyed the incredible magic system and the wonderful way Sanderson creates such authentic characters and a story that is non-stop enjoyment. There were of course several surprising twists and turns that kept this short read exciting all the way to the end. While Alloy of Law, undeniably cannot compare with the depth and intricate world building of his earlier books in this series or many of his other works, it is still an entertaining story and a must read for any fan of Brandon Sanderson. It's not necessary to read the first three books to enjoy The Alloy of Law, this is almost an entirely new creation that builds upon the world and magic system created in the previous books but with wholly new and original characters and premise. This just solidifies why Brandon Sanderson is one of my absolute favorite authors. I would recommend The Alloy of Law to any fans of high fantasy, steampunk, westerns, unique magic systems, and of course the Mistborn series.