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Wildefire - Karsten Knight Wildefire is a YA fantasy about teenage Gods and Goddesses from several different Mythologies who all attend a private school. I loved the opening of the story where the heroine, Ashline, was in the process of kicking the crap out of the girl who her boyfriend cheated with. It immediately made this heroine immensely relate-able, and she continued to be throughout the story. I really enjoyed her assertiveness and "fiery" spirit. I actually liked most of the characters, I thought that they were the one thing that kept me invested in this book whereas the plotline really didn't work as well for me. There were several plot lines that were not followed through on so that it left me a bit confused about their relevance to the story. I'm speaking, in particular about the "Cloaks" and also about Ashline's sister Eve and the young girl in their visions. I'm not sure if Wildefire is supposed to be a beginning of a series and these things will be explained as the series progresses. I think that I would have enjoyed Wildefire much more if I would have found the storyline to have been a bit more cohesive. I felt that it was a bit all over the place. I loved the idea of all of the different Gods and Goddesses from different Mythologies being reborn over and over again but the arc of the story was very vague and weak. I would probably read any follow up book with the hope that these things would be addressed because, as I said, I truly like the concept and the characters.