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Human Blend

Human Blend - Lori Pescatore Human Blend was a little more sci-fi than I usually read. However, it caught my attention from the very beginning and there was never a point where my attention was lost. Laney/Julie, the heroine, is being hunted by the "bad guys" who kidnapped her as a child and used her special abilities for their own ends. She makes her way to small town Marion, VA where she meets some strange yet interesting characters, Eli, a doctor without a heartbeat, Marcus, another doctor who seems to be just like her and may hold they key to who and what she is, and Austin, another man who seems to be normal, at first. There was, of course, a love triangle, made more entertaining by Laney/Julie's siren like abilities. Her powers/abilities are very interesting, she uses her ability to heal in a very unique way and she has an affinity for numbers that would come in handy when playing the lottery. Marcus, her doctor "friend", helps her to hone her healing ability, guiding her in a way. The plot of this story was fast paced, with thrilling moments and original, surprising twists that made Human Blend a page turner. Laney/Julie is a likable heroine, but its really the guys who were the stars of this book for me. Especially Marcus, with his sarcasm and attitude. The only complaint I have about Human Blend is that it ended in a way that left me with questions, so I'm hoping to see a second book from this author. I am intrigued by several of the supernatural elements introduced in this novel, and by a mischievous character introduced late in the book that I just wanted more of. Overall, this was a quick, exciting read that I would recommend to anyone who wants to read something completely outside the ordinary. I would rate this a 4 1/2, I loved it and really hope there is another. I received my copy of Human Blend from the author for review.