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Second Sight (Lifesong, #2)

Second Sight (Lifesong, #2) - Greg Hamerton Greg Hamerton takes on the epic concept of "good vs evil" in a big way in his novel, Second Sight, the second novel in his series Tale of the Lifesong. This novel is beautifully written, a little on the "flowery prose" side at times for me. However I know others enjoy that, so its not necessarily a bad thing. I simply prefer a more "simply" written book. Second Sight contained some of the most amazing world building, and the chararacters were compelling as well. Tabitha was inspiring and I laughed and cried with her throughout her journey. The "bad guys" were simply heinous!! You know that the characters are great when you have to sit the book down in anger from time to time! There was so much going on, and I was so fully invested, that I'm almost at a loss as to what may be a spoiler for someone just coming into the series. Every detail is relevant to the storyline. I think Hamerton is certainly a strong new voice in epic fantasy. I would recommend this to anyone that wants to be utterly swept away into a story of epic proportions. I was quite honestly blown away by this book and cannot wait to see what new and amazing things come from this author.