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Review: Dirty Streets of Heaven by Tad Williams

The Dirty Streets of Heaven - Tad Williams

The Dirty Streets of Heaven is quite different from what I had previously read by Tad Williams which was his Memory, Sorrow, & Thorn epic fantasy series. However, what was familiar was the solid storytelling, excellent world & character building and dialog. This was an angel themed urban fantasy unlike most that I've read recently. Williams' imagining of the inner workings of Heaven and Hell were quite original and intriguing as well as including a fast moving plot that is not lacking in action or suspense. The Dirty Streets of Heaven definitely has all the ingredients for an exciting urban fantasy This almost had a noir feel to it with the heirarchy of both heaven & hell almost set up like a Godfather movie. 

Angel Doloriel aka Bobby Dollar is a fast talking, snarky cynic who spends his days advocating for souls caught on the brink of heaven and hell. He finds himself in the middle of a dangerous situation that is likely far beyond his ability to handle and he's not really sure how he got there or how to get out of it. This first novel in the series introduces a quite array of quirky characters who were as abrasive as the dirty streets the title refers to, but satisfyingly so.. I've seen this compared with Jim Butcher's Dresden series and I would agree that fans of that series may want to check out this series. 

I'm excited to follow Bobby Dollar's (mis)adventures in the upcoming sequel Happy Hour in Hell which should be released September 3! I would absolutely recommend this to fans of urban fantasy, noir fantasy, detective novels, and as I said above, fans of the Dresden Files.