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Book review writing worksheet for my middle-grader



I just put together this review-writing worksheet for my 12 year old son. I can't believe they don't make these kids write book reports any more! It's crazy! It makes me worry for the next generation of writers. Thankfully, my son has inherited my love of books, now I want to encourage him to write as well. 


Anyway, any input is welcome and appreciated!! If you think some things could/should be changed, added to, etc please feel free to comment and let me know! 




  • Talk about the characters:


  • Which characters did you like best and why?


  • Who was the villain or bad guy? What did you think of him/her/it?


  • Where did the story take place?


  • What were some interesting things about that place?


  • Would you want to visit there/live there?


  • How is it similar where you live?


  • How is it different from where you live?


  • What is the story about, what is the main character trying to do?


  • What are some problems he or she faces?


  • Did you like the story and why?


  • What did you like best about the story?


  • What did you like least?


  • What do you wish would have been different?


  • Was it easy to read? Exciting? Did the story grab you right away? Did it get slow in parts? Was there a lot of action?


  • Are there other books, movies, TV shows that this book reminded you of?


  • If you could give this book a theme song what would it be?


  • Would you recommend it to other people?


  • If you could say something to the author, what would you say?